The City of Sarasota Utilities Department is replacing an existing pressurized wastewater pipeline along Osprey Avenue, between Mound (US41) and 10th Street, with a new 30-inch pipeline.  Horizontal directional drill technology is being used whereby a horizontal hole is drilled deep in the ground and the new pipe is pulled into the hole.  We currently are boring the horizontal hole for the segment of pipe between Mound Ave. and 4th Street.  Once the hole is complete, we will pull the new 30-inch pipeline into place between 4th Street and Mound Ave.  This will require the placement of the pipeline in the northbound lane (east side) of Osprey Ave., between 10th Street and 4th Street, for about three (3) days as it is being pulled into the hole – which is scheduled to occur between 8AM Wednesday October 28th and 8AM Saturday, October 31st.  Between 8AM and 7PM on Wednesday October 28th, 10th Street will be closed at Osprey Ave. as the pipe is placed on to the road.  10th Street will be reopened to traffic by 7PM on October 28th.  From 8AM on October 28th until about 8AM on Saturday October 31st, only southbound (one-way) traffic will be available along Osprey Ave.  Connecting (side) roads to Osprey will be open during this period to local traffic only.  The parking area along Osprey/Gillespie Park will be closed starting Tuesday October 27th to October 31st. Please see the reverse side of this notice for a map. Properties along the west side Osprey Ave. always will have vehicular and pedestrian access.  Properties along the east side of Osprey Ave.  always will have pedestrian access; however, vehicular access will be not be available for the following addresses during this period:

624 Osprey Ave.;  614 Osprey Ave.;  510 Osprey Ave.;  492 Osprey Ave. and

404 Osprey Ave.

Special accommodations will be provided to these residents during this period.  Access for public safety (police/fire) will always be available.  Access for mail, deliveries, garbage pick-up, etc. also will be available.

If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact us via email at tim.hill@sarasotafl.gov or by phone at 263-6200.  All information for this project is available at www.osprey-utility-project.com.

Osprey Utility Project Update October 23rd 2020